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Bioprodukte und nachhaltige Erzeugnisse
Allergene & Diäthinweise
140 rue des walkyries ZAC Parc Eureka
F-34000 Montpellier
Tel: +33608062100
Mail: elsa@aromandise.com
Web: https://www.aromandise.com

As an innovative, ethical and rapidly expanding family business, we have been developing natural and meaningful products for 30 years, recognised for their quality and differentiation.
Specialists in well-being and the art of living, we offer a wide range of natural scents and organic grocery products: incense sticks and cones, resins, wood powders, incense holders and diffusers, candles and wax discs, scented sachets, eco products... Infusions, Japanese teas and soy sauces.
All our activities are designed with active respect for ecology and social and cultural equity.
Our main customers are shops specialising in organic products, garden centres, gift/decoration shops, self-help bookshops, department stores specialising in well-being, etc.
All this makes Aromandise the leader in France in organic shops specialising in natural incense and our Japanese tea segments.
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